APO makes password management easy.

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APO Encryption

A Password Manager designed for individuals, families, business, and military.

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Personal use

Keep all your login and ID information in one convenient secure location.

Family use

Keep your personal file to yourself and create a separate family file to share with family members. All those shared resources like your Wifi login can be kept as a shared family file.

Business use

Keep your personal login credentials to yourself and create a separate team file or customer file that can be shared with those who need to know.

Your data is strictly your own. APO does not, and never will have access to your password files.

Many companies that supply password managers store all their client’s files in a centralized database. They do this in order to create the illusion of value so that when they send you your monthly bill, you think you are paying for a service. A service that is completely unnecessary since you probably already have some storage in the cloud that you can use to back-up your file.

Besides, storing lots of people’s security files in one place is a problem because this creates a centralized location for information that can act as an attractive target for hackers. There is a lot more incentive to put in an effort when there are thousands of user’s files all in one location versus a single file kept invisible on a personal Google drive. This is why crypto currency exchanges experience thousands of attacks every day.

Your data security is our first priority.

I don’t know about you, but I literally have over 100 entries in my password manager.
There is no way I could ever keep all that in my head.
I need a password manager and so do you.

Chris Zacharias

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