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This is a maintenance release of APO. The following items were fixed and/or added:

v2.7.38 – 2022/11/06

  • Improved dark mode support on macOS.
  • Implemented dark mode support on Windows (note: the Fusion visual style, available in Settings->Visuals, is recommended when you have Windows set to dark mode).

v2.7.37 – 2022/06/18

  • Port macOS application to run natively on Apple Silicon.
  • Add setting allowing auto-type of username+tab+tab+password for those pesky websites with labels between the username and password entry fields.
  • Add setting to configure the delay between auto-typing the username and password when using the username and password with Enter auto-type mode.
  • Add setting allowing user to specify which password file to start the app with.
  • Website icon download performance improved.

v2.7.36 – 2021/03/30

  • Added the ability to display a website’s icon in the Websites category so you may better recognize each entry at a glance.  Click on the Display menu and select ‘Show Website Icons’ to enable this feature.
  • You can now make each row in the table a bit larger.  See the ‘Make rows taller’ setting in the Visuals tab of the Settings screen (Preferences screen for Mac users).

v2.7.34 – 2021/03/12

  • Added the ability to browse and manage the files in your Dropbox account(s).

v2.7.32 – 2021/01/29

  • Fixed a bug preventing file decryption from working.
  • Open Password File main menu entry now uses a sub-menu.  This will only be useful to those of you with multiple password files.
  • macOS version has a ‘Finder Integration’ feature.  You can enable it in the General tab of the Preferences screen.


  • Added a ‘Tips & Tricks’ entry to the Help menu.
  • Added an auto-type keyboard hotkey feature.  See the ‘Tips & Tricks’ entry for details on how to use it.
  • Password generator screen now allows you to generate a pass-phrase.
  • When searching for an entry, you may now opt to search all your password files.
  • Auto-type now enabled in the Linux build.


  • Send ether transaction screen now displays the transaction hash.


  • Fixed bug when editing an Ethereum cryptocurrency entry.


  • Pinned items can now be displayed with a bold font.
  • Updated Linux build to match Windows/macOS builds.


  • Enhanced the Ethereum offline transaction feature to use CloudFlare’s Ethereum gateway.
  • Added ‘copy to clipboard’ button to the generate password screen.
  • Added “Copy 2-step code to Clipboard” popup menu entry for website entries with a linked 2FA code.
  • Auto-shutdown app timeout was not working consistently on Windows.


  • Enhanced the search form to show if an entry is in a group.
  • Added setting allowing user to display the categories toolbar on the left side.
  • Added setting allowing user to hide the categories toolbar captions.
  • Added setting allowing user to specify which categories to display.
  • Added a ‘Sync with Google Drive’ button to the bottom toolbar.


  • Added support for Windows Hello login using facial recognition.
  • Added setting for prompting the user to periodically back up their password file.
  • For items with an expiry date, allow user to set a per-item notification time, rather than one global value in settings.
  • Added ‘birth date’ to the Contact entry screen.
  • User name field now masked out on the login screen.
  • Added ‘display credentials’ checkbox to the login screen.
  • Changed the password generator screen to show entropy and ‘days to crack’ stats for the generated password.
  • Changed the create/update master key screens to show entropy and ‘days to crack’ stats for the entered username and password.
  • Fix local backup failing if the backup file already exists.
  • When decrypting files, prompt the user to overwrite any existing files.
  • Fix “APO could not be authorized to access your Google Drive” error message sometimes being displayed when authorization was indeed successfull.
  • Only allow the application to auto-close if it is idle and at the main screen.
  • Fix ‘check for updates’ not working.


  • Fix Windows biometric API issue on Windows 7/8/8.1 preventing APO from starting after the initial install.
  • Fixed file permission issue on macOS preventing Ether transactions from being generated.


  • Added ability to export the Ether offline raw transaction to a JSON file.
  • Added ability to show the Ether offline signed transaction as a QR code.
  • Added 45 and 60 to the expiry days option in settings.
  • Fixed issue during initial APO run on a clean install that prevented doing a restore from a local file.
  • Added ‘check for update’ functionality.
  • Provide a better looking “success” webpage when Google Drive authorization is successfull.
  • Hide cryptocurrency private keys like we do passwords.
  • Windows SHA256 checksum:
  • macOS SHA256 checksum:
  • Linux SHA256 checksum:

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